Special Performance Audio (SPA) : RV Series / ECO Series


Full Size Speakers For All Applications

 Special Performance Audio (SPA)  Waterproof Speakers by PQN Audio are Designed & Constructed to Meet Today's Most Stringent Conditions.  Perfect for OEM and Custom Product Applications PQNAudio Speakers Meet Performance Standards Required of Hot Tub Speakers and RV Speakers and Will Provide Years of Performance. Our Waterproof Speakers are Specified for Spa Speakers,, Sauna Speakers, Hot Tub Speakers, Marine Speakers, Golf Car Speakers and RV Speakers Installations.  PQN Audio's Special Performance Audio  (SPA) Speakers are Designed and Tested to Survive Heat and Humid Conditions. Chemical Resistances make PQN Audio Speaker Products Perfect for all Spa and Hot Tub Installations. While Providing All-Environment Outdoor Construction Lacking in Many Mobile and Marine Speaker Products. 

Choose PQN Audio Waterproof Speakers.

  • Spa Speakers - Designed to Withstand Harsh Spa Conditions. Ideal for In-Spa & Cabinet Installations for Great Backyard Music Enjoyment.
  • RV Speakers - Ultra-Slim Speakers with Low Profile for Cabinet and Ceiling Installations
  • Marine Speakers - Designed to Withstand UV and Salt Spray for Years of Performance
  • Sauna Speakers - Tested to Withstand Hi-Temperature Sauna Conditions
  • Golf Car Speakers - Perfect for All Day Outdoor Pleasure and Wash Downs
  • Waterproof Speakers -  All-Environment Construction is Ideal for SEV's NEV's and ATVs.
  • ECO Ultra Slim Speakers -  Ultra Slim Waterproof Speakers are ideal as RV speaker installs. 
  • Audio Transducers - The New Standard in Transducer Audio. For Hidden Audio that Emits Through Most Surfaces. 
  • Float Tank Audio - Waterproof Audio Transducers for Today's Flotation Audio.

Security / Soundmasking / Medical Device Transducers.
Contact PQN Enterprises, Inc. for OEM Support- Products Designed to bring great sound to your music listening environment. Constructed to Withstand UV and Salt Spray for Years of Performance - Tested to Withstand Hi-Temperature Sauna Conditions. Perfect for Contact PQN Audio for OEM Support.

  • REACH Compliant
  • CE Conformity
  • RoHS Compliant
  • ASTM Certified for UV & Salt Resistance
  • Patented / Patent Pending

ECO Ultra Slim Speakers

Economical Quality Economically Smart

ECO Ultra-Slim Waterproof Speakers are designed for restricted space installations. Less than <1" mounting depth makes the ECO series ideal for Camper and RV ceiling and side wall application. ECO Ultra-Slim speakers are also ideal for Golf Car molded roofs as well as Hot Tub cabinet installs.

RV Series Waterproof Speakers offer improved performance over typical stock installed products. RV Series speakers will offer years of great waterproof audio performance with UV and chemical resistance.

OEM Inquiries: Please contact us directly for Audio Speaker Design & Support. Private labeling Service Available.

Technical Features:

  • ASTM Certified for UV and Salt
  • Waterproof Cone Construction
  • Corrosion Proof Silicone Speaker Leads
  • Meets UL / ETL In-Spa Requirements
  • Engineered Weatherproof Speakers Where Outdoor Speaker Applications are Required.

Spas - RVs - Saunas - Boats - BBQ - Landscape - Waterfalls - Poolside - Electric Vehicles / Golf Carts

  • Mounting Depth < 1"
  • UV Resistant
  • Waterproof Construction
  • REACH Compliant
  • ASTM Rated
  • RoHS Compliant
  • IP65 Certified


  • 5" Full Range
  • 6" Overall Diameter
  • 30WMax
  • 90Hz-20KHz
  • Wt. < 1#


  • 6"Full Range
  • 7" Overall Diameter
  • 30WMax
  • 80Hz-20KHz
  • Wt. < 1#





  • 6" Dual Cone Design
  • 7.1 " Overall Diameter
  • 2" Mounting Depth
  • REACH Compliant
  • IP65 Certified
  • 30WMax
  • 65HZ - 20KHz



  • 5" Dual Cone Design
  • 6" Overall Diameter
  • 1.7" Mounting Depth
  • REACH Compliant
  • IP65 Certified
  • 24WMax
  • 80HZ - 20KHz

ECO TR 5" LED Bullet Speaker


Features / Technical:

  • Integrates Audio w/ LED Bullet Lights
  • Ultra Slim Design
  • 5" Cone Diameter
  • 6" Overall Diameter
  • Less Than 1" Mounting Depth
  • Designed For Spa Skirt Installation
  • Speaker + Lighting
  • Eliminates Skirt Light Cost
  • Power: 30WMax
  • Illuminates Spa Skirt
  • OEM Support Available